From strategy to communication to activities on-the-ground, we'll ensure your stakeholders are genuinely engaged.

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Our Capabilities

On highly-charged infrastructure and resource projects, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance; least of all the role and impact of your stakeholders.

Left unmanaged, public perception and opinion can determine the entire outcome of a project. To maximise support, minimise disruptions, and retain the trust and respect of your stakeholders, genuine, strategic engagement is essential.

At Comacon, that’s precisely what we provide - end-to-end stakeholder engagement that helps ensure your stakeholders feel genuinely valued and engaged and you get the results you want.

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Our Approach

Understanding, flexibility and dialogue underpin our stakeholder engagement approach. We'll work with you and your stakeholders to truly understand the benefits, the impacts and the challenges of your project - from everyone's point of view. Then we'll identify how your design, development and delivery can intersect positively with the interests of your stakeholders and local communities.

This means it’s essential that we foster and maintain real, transparent and collaborative working relationships - both with you and with your stakeholders.

We have to be every bit as familiar with your team, systems and protocols as we are with the needs, interests and agendas of your stakeholders. Only then can we ensure everyone’s needs are considered and aligned, all activities are tailored to the specific levels of interest and influence of your stakeholders, and all outcomes are consistent with policy objectives and designed to maximise community benefit.

Our team has the skills and natural aptitude required to work transparently, collaboratively and proactively. Professionals who are not only experienced, but also passionate about overcoming barriers, and focusing on collective goals rather than individual objectives.

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