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The SHINE Ultimate Teambuilding Course

This is a two-day facilitated workshop or a six week online course (two hours per week).

This is the ultimate employee wellbeing and team building course. This course is not gender or age specific (although it can be tailored for specific groups if required).


While the course has a set syllabus, the data from the initial research will help us tailor the course to focus on the specific challenges being faced by your team members. It also gives us baseline data to ensure we use an evidence-based approach to team wellbeing.

The first half of the course focuses on the individual employee. Through a series of activations, questionnaires and input sessions, we help each individual team member gain an understanding of what drives them and what motivates them. We help them to understand their strengths and tendencies, articulate their values and define their purpose. We work through any personal challenges they would like support with, and address limiting beliefs and how to develop a growth mindset. The outcome for each team member is a documented personal operating system with a clear set of objectives and goals.

There is the opportunity to bring in specific experts if there were certain areas identified in the research as concerns (i.e. grey area drinking coaching, nutrition, sleep) and we address those areas in more detail (always maintaining confidentiality).

The second part of the course is about using the employee’s newfound self-awareness and direction to authentically connect with their fellow team members, to address current challenges and to build resilience. We teach practical skills like conflict resolution, getting the best from your team members, operating from a growth mindset and being inclusive. We end by encouraging the group to build a team model. This includes a team operating system including goals and agreed team behaviours. We also establish a measurement system for assessing progress. Along the way we bond and have fun. Your team will leave this course excited, enthusiastic and reinvigorated.

Our SHINE Ultimate Teambuilding Course is a unique blend of psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, nutrition, exercise tips and a healthy dose of the practical.

This course is all about being a better version of yourself and being the best team you can be. It is full of practical tips to operationalise the philosophy and neuroscience. Your team will feel valued, heard and empowered from this course.

This course can be offered from our offices in Docklands, Melbourne, online or at your offices anywhere in Australia, China or New Zealand. Please contact us for a quote, to discuss other locations or for further information.

This course includes a certificate of completion.

We will also be offering a Shine Wellbeing Trainer Course in the second half of 2024.

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Released 5 October 2023
SHINE - your definitive guide to saving yourself and living your best life.

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