Kassie's Story

Basketball Sponsorship Recipient

Our Comacon team strives for excellence and continuous improvement. While we hold ourselves to high standards, we also believe in balance in work and life. We are passionate about supporting others in their personal development journeys and contributing to their communities.

Up and coming Basketball player, Kassie Boorer is someone who mirrors our values of being performance driven and authentic and we are proud to sponsor her as she not only pursues her sporting talent, but also her dream of becoming a primary school teacher. Since age nine, Kassie has known that basketball was a hobby she wanted to develop. By sixteen, she was playing NBL (semiprofessional league) with women in their mid to late twenties. Some of Kassie’s other achievements include playing at state level in Victoria in 2018 and 2019 (winning silver and bronze), the Basketball Victoria all-stars award for 2018 and 2019, the Frankston Blues Female Athlete Rising State Award for 2017 and 2018, the Youth League Most Valued Player for2018 for Frankston Blues and playing in the NBL1 for Frankston in 2017-2020.

While committing to endless hours of training, Kassie has successfully balanced her studies, working as a nanny and supporting basketball development programs as an assistant coach.

It was Kassie’s own basketball coach who recognised her potential and work ethic and planted the idea to take her basketball to the next level.

Kassie used her social media platforms to create a highlight reel of her games and began contacting coaches at American colleges, while her coach recommended her to his USA contacts. As a result, Kassie was recruited by Cameron University to play for the Cameron Aggies in Oklahoma.Kassie’s journey has not always been smooth and there have been times when her goal has seemed out of reach. The challenges of moving from Australia to America during the COVID-19 pandemic meant Kassie’s plans were delayed, however her determination, ability to rise to a challenge and growth mindset kept her going and she focused on staying physically and mentally fit, so she was prepared when she was finally able to travel in September 2020.

Kassie is currently completing her degree in Primary education in the USA before eventually returning home to Melbourne. We are thrilled to support such a driven, resilient, young woman who strives for excellence in all she does. We can’t wait to see what she will achieve next!