Taylah's Story

Community Giving Scholarship Recipient

Girls and Women in Sport – Welcome Taylah Griffiths’ netball

As netball fanatics we may be a bit biased here at Comacon, but we reckon netball has to be the world’s best sport. Our team jumps at the opportunity to recognise and celebrate young women in sport like the talented Taylah Griffiths

As part of Comacon’s Community Giving Program, which aims to empower girls and women in sports as well as enhance women’s ability to compete professionally, we are delighted to award Taylah a scholarship for her Frankston & District Netball Association (FDNA) Squad Memberships 2023.

Taylah’s journey as a junior netball player is impressive. She started playing netball with a local club in 2021 and in the same year, she made the trial for the 2022 FDNA Squad. With her passion and talent in the sport, she was accepted for the 2022 FDNA Squad in the Development Team. Clearly, Taylah is a real go-getter who has shown outstanding improvement in the sport – we may have a future Diamonds player in our midst!

Taylah continues to be a rising star in her netball team. She was awarded the Most Improved Squad Player for 2022 and the Best & Fairest for local club in 2022. At the end of 2022, she was trialed for the 2023 FDNA Squad team and was selected for U11s Diamond Team. Taylah moved to a new club in 2023 to continue with her position in the Squad Team and now plays in the U11 A division/Pool 1 for the Fairway Netball Club.  

We are proud as punch of Taylah and all young women who juggle their time between practicing sports and studying. Taylah trains every Sunday for one and a half hours for FDNA and competes on Monday nights. She also competes in several tournaments a year for the Squad. As well as this, she trains every Tuesday for the Fairway Netball Club and competes for the squad on Saturdays.  Playing at the highest level in both clubs is a real achievement. The passion and grit shown by Taylah sends a strong message to all young players – you can thrive in sport and study. The two R’s – responsibility and resilience – are key!

Comacon’s sponsorship will go towards Taylah’s netball fund for 2024 and support Taylah to continue playing netball at the highest level in upcoming years, ensuring her continuous development in the sport. Comacon is thrilled to support Taylah for our Community Giving Program this year. We believe that Taylah’s passion, determination and talent will take her far in her netball career.